Thursday, March 4, 2010

International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness

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Contact :Ven. Bodhicitta
Telephone:(03) 9794 0759

The Centre
The Centre was recently formed to promote meditation and the teachings of Buddha. We liaise
with worldwide Buddhist societies and Interfaith Religious Organisations to promote tolerance to all
schools of Buddhist thought as well as to other religious faiths.
The Centre fosters inter-religious harmony, mutual understanding and maintains an environment of
respect and peace.

This society is led by Ven. Bodhicitta, a Sri Lankan born Buddhist nun. Our society is in its infancy and
the services we provide are free for the general public regardless of their origin, race or religion. This society
is managed by the generosity of people who value our service.

Aims and Objectives
1. To foster the teachings and the practice of the Buddha Dhamma, and the practice of meditation with
an emphasis on the good life and the mindful life.
2. To disseminate through our religious and educational programmes the basic values of tolerance
and interconnectedness in reaching out to other schools of Buddhism and other religious, ethnic and
cultural groups.
3. To develop concrete projects that would enhance the health and psychological well-being of our
community. As in the world in which we live, ‘stress’ continues to exact a toll on everyday life, we are
increasingly turning to ancient meditative methods.
These techniques of mindfulness practice need to be integrated in to any counselling programme.
4. To focus attention on the role of families in helping to build up a youth culture and develop a ‘youth
forum’ for a dialogue with young people.
5. To encourage members and their friends to engage in social and charity projects to assist those in need in
the community.

The services provided by our centre include:
  • Providing regular classes for teaching the Dhamma and meditation practice.
  • Established library and reading services for members and their families.
  • Developing a program for young people modelled on the “The schooling for the Good Heart” in the USA.
  • This program would have a specific focus on the education of the emotions through mindfulness
  • practice.
  • Organising regular talks and seminars on ‘counselling education’.
  • Establishing links with worldwide Buddhist societies

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