Friday, November 9, 2012

Katin Pinkama 2012 at Yuroke Temple - Daham Niketanaya

This year Katina Festival will be celebrated on Sunday the 18 the of November 2012 with two new events that take place could change the beauty of the landscape of Daham Niketanaya and its surroundings even more.
Ceremonies of newly created cultural site and the laying of foundation stone for the proposed sanga hall will be the two new events in addition to Katina festival . The centre piece of the cultural site is the 25 feet standing tall, a replica of world tallest and famous Auykana Buddhist statue located in Sri Lanka. The statue is being complemented by its surrounding statues from other Buddhist cultures around the world and the progressive landscaping.

Katina Festival day Itinerary
  • 9.30 am --Laying Foundation Stone for Proposed Sanga Hall>
  • 10.00 am--Katina Procession.
  • 10.30 am -- Opening of the cultural site
  • 11.00 am-- Buddha pooja and offering Alms and Robes to the monks.
  • 12.30 am-- Anusasana and transferring of Merits
Proposed Sanga Hall

Address :1690 Mickelham Road, Yuroke, Victoria. Web:

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